Featured Author: Sean Kevin Gaffney

Sean Kevin Gaffney

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Sean grew up drawing mazes, and cartoons, on any available surface of his childhood home in Northport, NY (including the walls). Now 57, he's still doing it. The maze/cartoon thing, not the drawing on the walls thing. His mazes have appeared in Nickelodeon, Best of Nick Toons & Special Editions of Games & Sports Magazines.

A few years ago, he and his young daughter were viewing a lunar eclipse when they observed a huge, completely silent, UFO flying directly over their heads. A UFO believer before this encounter, combined with always thinking of interesting ways/places to create mazes, an idea came to fruition. Incorporating mazes within the parts and components of alien flying saucers.

When not drawing mazes in his Brooklyn residence, he's close to finishing his soon to be published novel "The Toaster Chronicles".